Easy. Flexible. Convenient.

Just three of the words that can be used to describe the latest way
to pay for your parking, delivered to you by ParkREG.

Welcome >

ParkREG is a payment service that enables people like you to pay for their parking sessions with greater ease, flexibility and convenience than traditional methods.

ParkREG is a parking payment and management system operated by Parkeon - the world's leading supplier of parking space management solutions - in conjunction with Ranger Services - a market leader in the development and application of automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology.

paying via SMS >

Register with ParkREG and your number plate replaces your ticket. Next time you park, just text your car park location / site code (5 digit code) and the amount of time you want to buy.
See FAQs: paying via SMS for full instructions

We’ll confirm your purchase with a text message. Reminders are available if you’re concerned about staying longer than you expect.

Paying via SMS is simple and fast, with no queuing and no need to worry about having enough change or whether the payment machine accepts credit cards.

Pay today & pre-book>

Your time is valuable and the everyday parking experience should be quick and easy. By paying for your space online, you can rest assured that it will be as fast and trouble-free as possible.

Simply choose the nearest car park to your destination and select the length of time you need. Your number plate details then replace your ticket. There is no need for you to do anything else.

If you think that you may exceed your stay, you can take advantage of our text reminder service.

Season tickets & Permits >

You may be eligible for a season ticket, which can save you time whenever you use it, as well as provides you with significant savings on standard daily rates.

Your number plate details replace your ticket.

Manage your account, payments and receipts easily - and never have to bother with visits to payment machines again.

Buy your Season Ticket with ParkREG or register now to benefit from these additional parking benefits.

If you have already registered with ParkReg then you do not need to re-register, you can manage your details through My Account.

SwishPARK >

The SwishPark service gives you the ultimate in parking convenience.... no online booking required and no need to use your mobile phone - just ‘park and go’!

Simply sign-up for the SwishPark option when you first register on the ParkREG website. If you have already registered with ParkReg then you do not need to re-register, you can manage you details through My Account.

Your number plate details are your automatic passport to any SwishPark operated car park and replace the usual car park ticket. Simply check the ParkREG website to locate SwishPark-enabled car parks.

ParkREG automatically detects when you enter and leave a car park and debits your nominated account for the duration of your stay.

Because it is the vehicle that is registered - not the driver - SwishPark makes life easier when more than one person uses it. They may be friend, members of the same family, or different employees from a business that uses the same car park on a regular basis.