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Do I have to register to use ParkREG?

No, you don´t have to register. You can still pay for your parking by texting PARKREG to 67766. We will send you an SMS (text) with a link to our mobile site where you can follow the online payment instructions and your ticket will be paid for.

However, if you do register you get some great benefits:

  • We will remember your details along with your car details for future use
  • We will securely store your payment card details for future use also
  • Pay by simple SMS (text) - we won´t ask you for any payment card details unless your card has expired or fails for any reason (e.g., insufficient funds)

How do I register with ParkREG?

You can register with us at the time you park or online in advance. Please have the following information ready:

  • Vehicle Registration(s)
  • Credit/debit card details
  • Your address & mobile phone number

Please click here to register

How do I pay via SMS?

Once you have a ParkREG account you can pay simply by sending an SMS (text) to 67766 with the following information. (Please note, the word PARKREG must be sent at the start of your message)

To pay, text 67766 stating:

PARKREG [space] the site code [space] the tariff in hours [space] your vehicle registration


If you run out of time and want to extend your parking just send us an SMS (text) with the details above confirming the number of additional hours you require. For example:


All SMS payments are subject to a 15p surcharge.

Which car parks can I pay for using ParkREG?

Please click here to view a full list of our car parks and location codes

You will see our signs around the car parks where ParkREG is active

How much does parking using ParkREG cost?

You will pay the same tariff as displayed on the payment terminal; these will be located around the car park and will be presented to you online and on the mobile website before you purchase a ticket.

Each car park operator sets its own service charge for payment via ParkREG ranging from FREE to 25p. These charges will be confirmed before completing a transaction.

All payments by SMS are subject to a 15p surcharge.

Please check the payment terminal and signs in the car park for more information. Current parking tariffs, traffic orders, parking policies and regulations apply.

How do I know what the car park name/location code is?

If you are paying via the mobile: the details should be clearly visible on the signs around the car park.

If you are paying via the website: you will be able to view a full list of car park locations.

Am I guaranteed a space if I pay in advance?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee spaces in any car parks.

How does SwishPARK work?

Once SwishPARK is enabled for your vehicle our cameras will recognise it as it enters and leaves the car park. We will only charge you for the amount of time that you are parked in the car park.

You must register for ParkREG to be able to use SwishPARK. You can have more than one vehicle registration enabled on your account.

You can view your tickets for SwishPARK in your account, the same way as any one off tickets or season tickets

Can I view my payments/tickets?

If you have an account with ParkREG, yes. Simply log in and visit the ‘my tickets’ section where you will be able to view and print PDF versions of each ticket. You will also be able to download a statement showing all tickets purchased.

Can I have more than one vehicle registered to my account?

Yes, you can have multiple vehicles registered to your account

Can I have more than one mobile number registered to my account?

No, unfortunately not. We use your mobile phone as a way of validating that it is you who is using the service.

How do I update my details?

Once you have opened your ParkREG account simply log in and visit the ‘my details’ section under ‘my account’. Here you can:

  • Update your personal details
  • Update your card details
  • Update your blue badge holder number
  • Reset your password

What happens if I forget my password?

If you forget your password click on the link on the log-in page and enter your mobile phone number and email address that you registered with us. We will send you an email with a link which you can follow this to reset your password. For added security you will be asked to enter the last 4 digits of the credit or debit card you have registered with us.

Is it possible that I will receive a Parking Charge Notice when paying for parking using ParkREG?

If you violate any parking regulations then you may receive a Parking Charge Notice (PCN). For example, if you park in the wrong place or if you exceed the time you have paid.

Remember, to avoid fines you can opt in to receive a reminder SMS (text) 10 minutes before your parking ticket is due to expire. However, if you do not top up your parking (either by going online/mobile website or by sending us an SMS (text)) you will be liable for a PCN. (Optional reminder SMS (texts) cost 15 pence each)

Who do I contact if I receive a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) and wish to discuss or dispute it?

If you violate any parking regulations you may receive a Parking Charge Notice (PCN). If you wish to discuss or dispute a Parking Charge Notice (PCN), PLEASE CONTACT THE ISSUER with relevant details. ParkREG IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PARKING CHARGE NOTICES. However, you can print tickets and download statements by logging in to ParkREG and visiting the ‘my tickets’ section of the website

Is there a charge for contacting you using the 0845 835 4872 number?

There is a connection fee for calling this number which will be charged by your service provider. Calls are charged at 5p per minute plus the standard call rate.